We hope you enjoy your experience with Fiole. If you have any questions, some of the below suggestions may be able to help. If not, please contact us here.


Your Fiole Box is a tool to help you discover the right scent for you. Each vial contains 2mls of fragrance and is measured by hand. This is enough for you to try it on a card and then on a blotter, with enough left over for you to wear it for a day and ‘road-test’ the fragrance. 

The glass vials themselves can hold a little more than 2ml meaning there is always a small gap at the top. This gap allows for the correct amount of airflow for the pump to operate properly.

The Fiole Fragrance Finder uses a comprehensive analytical process to help you find the right recommendations. 

The questions will differ depending on your choices. You will be asked 6-12 questions out of a possible 250+. The length of your consultation will depend on the answers you give as the Finder is designed to only ask as many questions as it needs to. 

We do not offer individual samples at the moment.

Fiole Boxes are a tool for to help you find the right fragrance for you. Each box is individually curated by a professional Fragrance Specialist and can only be purchased through the Fiole Fragrance Finder, which means that the contents are chosen for you.

Rest assured that The Finder is completely unbiased and each recommendation is meticulously matched to your choices from within the Fragrance Finder.

The Fiole Method is a fully personalised process that focuses on the individual. Each box is built based on the individual customer's answers from within the Fragrance Finder.

Because this such a mammoth task for a company to fulfil at high volume, we give ourselves a head start by assigning templates for each possible outcome. When you choose to view your recommendations at the end of the Fragrance Finder, you are viewing your box's template. As a small company, we do not have the infrastructure for individual recommendations to update in real time.

Once we receive an order we assess your answers against your template and may adjust one or two of the fragrances in order to give you the best set of recommendations for your Fragrance Personality.

As a brand new company we do not have the infrastructure for the website to adapt to people’s individual recommendations in real time. This is something that we hope to be to able to introduce as we grow.

We do not offer refunds on Fiole Boxes unless they are faulty or damaged.

Each Fiole Box is an individually personalised tool that contains curated recommendations from professional fragrance specialists. These are meticulously matched to the answers you give within the Fragrance Finder.

When purchasing a Fiole Box we encourage you to think carefully when answering the Fragrance Finder to avoid disappointment.

We recommend all of our customers find their perfect fragrance through the Fiole Fragrance Finder and by ordering a Fiole Box. This ensures that you will surely love your new fragrance.

If you order without trying first or change your mind and decide you don’t like your purchase, we can only accept returns of unopened and unused products.

Please see our Returns Policy for full terms and conditions.

At the moment we stock two fully vegan brands: Arquiste and Gallivant.

Many other brands aren't fully vegan but do have some vegan products. Contact us if you'd like more information.

We endeavour to make sure that as much of our products, stationary, packaging and all other aspects of our business are as environmentally friendly as possible. We use recycled products where possible and encourage the recycling of everything we send out that is recyclable.

We are constantly striving to find more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and will constantly adapt to ensure we are doing as much as we can to protect the planet.

We try our best to work with brands that represent our philosophy when it comes to the environment. All of our brands are highly aware of the urgency for change and are adapting as such. For full details of the eco credentials of each brand, please visit their own websites.


Our standard delivery should take 1-2 days to arrive after it has been dispatched.

We endeavour to send all parcels out as soon as possible once an order is received, because we know how exciting the contents is!

Shipping is free for all orders over £30.

Right now we only ship to UK addresses.

When your order is dispatched you will receive an email with tracking information so you can follow your Fiole delivery’s journey.

In the highly unlikely and unfortunate event that you receive damaged goods, please email us at with your name, email address and order number and we will ensure to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Please see our Returns Policy for full terms and conditions.

In the highly unlikely event that you receive the wrong item, please email us at with your name, email address and order number and we will ensure to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


When you add a full-sized fragrance or a Fiole Gift Card to your cart, there'll be a prompt inside the cart where you can enter your gift message.

This does not apply to E-Gift Cards. This because you gift your E-Gift Card via email, so you can write your gift message there instead.

Gift messages are not available when ordering a Fiole box. This is because the Finder is designed to be used by the person who would use our suggested fragrances. If you looking to Gift a Fiole Box then we have different options! Click to learn more.

All of our fragrances come wrapped in tissue as standard and we will soon be adding a complete gift wrap service to our offering.

The Fiole Box does not come wrapped as it is also a delivery box. We recommend gifting one of our gift cards over completing the Fiole Fragrance Finder on behalf of someone. This way your loved one can enjoy the full experience themselves and you can be sure that they are gifted a fragrance they love.

No, we remove the prices just in case the item is a gift.

Unfortunately not. We cannot amend an existing order as it will already be being processed.

Unfortunately not. We cannot amend an existing order as it will already be being processed.

If our courier cannot deliver to the address, the product will be returned to us. If you wish to arrange for redelivery please contact us at as our courier does not provide us with notifications.

Unfortunately not. We cannot amend an existing order as it will already be being processed.